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People in awe of Taliban’s occupation of Kabul, shopkeepers themselves removing pictures of female models from the walls



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The people of Afghanistan are in awe. With the Taliban taking over the capital, Kabul, the path has been cleared for a brutal regime once again. The fear is that the pictures of the models outside the beauty salon are being removed. The shopkeepers themselves are painting the walls white.

Kabul: With the Taliban’s capture of Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, the way has been cleared for brutal rule in the country. The people are deeply in awe of the Taliban coming to power again. Thousands of people are leaving the country and those for whom it is not possible to go have started to mold themselves according to the Taliban. In Kabul, shopkeepers are removing posters, pictures etc. of women. Outside the Beauty Salon, a shopkeeper himself was seen painting such pictures.

fear of severe punishment
The Taliban do not believe in women's rights. In his previous rule, he had brutally oppressed women and girls. This time also he has made it clear that the countrymen will have to face harsh laws. Recently, Taliban fighters killed a woman for wearing tight clothes. In such a situation, shopkeepers fear that if they do not remove the pictures of women, then they may also get severe punishment.
No information about Kamila Sidiqi
The pictures of female models have become clear from the shops present in the Share New District of Kabul. The shopkeepers themselves are engaged in whitewashing the walls by taking paint. At the same time, activist and businesswoman Kamila Siddiqui, who worked for women's rights, had a plan to flee the country on Friday. However, it is not yet clear whether she succeeded in this or not. Born in Afghanistan, Siddiqui was just 19 when the Taliban first captured large parts of her country.
Activists turned underground
Kamila Siddiqui has settled in Britain with her family, but she came to Afghanistan in April this year and could not return due to the Corona epidemic. Some time back Siddiqui had allegedThat despite having British citizenship, they are not being helped by the UK Embassy in getting out of Afghan. Describing his life as a threat from the Taliban, he said that if he reaches me, it will be very bad. At the same time, many other women activists have left Afghanistan or have gone underground.
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