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Bikers standing on the road were uncontrollable after hearing the horn, pulled the woman out of the car and thrashed her in front of the girl.



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Update on Aug 13, 11:26 am ist

Another news of the terror of bikers gang in America has come to the fore. The accused thrashed a woman mercilessly only because she gave a horn and asked them to move forward. A woman was also involved in the attack, who is currently in the custody of the police. The search for the rest is also on.
WASHINGTON: Even when the traffic signal is green, it was very difficult for a woman to interrupt the bikers standing by jamming the road. The enraged bikers dragged the woman out of her car and thrashed her fiercely.The eight-year-old girl of the victim woman kept crying and pleading with the accused to release the mother, but her heart did not swell. This entire incident was recorded by a person nearby in his mobile. On the basis of which the police has started action.

10 bikers surrounded the woman According to the news published in ‘The Sun’, this incident happened in Providence County, America, when the woman asked the bikers to move forward by blowing the horn. Because the traffic signal had turned green.

Enraged by this, around 10 bikers surrounded the woman's car. After this, the accused dragged the woman out and thrashed her. During this, the girl child of the victim kept crying, but the bikers' heart did not sweat.
Lady is also included in the accused
The thing to do here is that a woman was also involved in the accused bikers. Whom the police arrested on Thursday. North Providence Police said that 24-year-old Shayan Boisvert has been arrested in connection with the assault on a woman on Valley Street around 11 pm on August 3. Search is on for the rest of the accused.
Mayor expressed grief over the incident
Police said that the victim woman had signaled the bikers to move forward by honking, as they had surrounded the entire road. At the same time, Providence Mayor George Elorza expressed grief over the incident and said that the police will take strict action against the accusedHe said, 'A campaign has been launched against such dangerous bikers. More than 200 bikes have been seized so far. We will take all necessary steps for the safety of our citizens.
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