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Water was offered to boil the chicken, in it her own baby girl was found boiling; stir up



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Toddler Found Burnt In Boiling Water: Police is investigating whether the parents of the child intentionally burnt the innocent. they are being interrogated.
Kiev: Parents kill their children. Save them from all troubles. But sometimes a little attention is lost, a big accident happens. One such incident (Viral News) happened in Ukraine. Here a two-year-old girl fell into the boiling water and got badly burnt (Toddler Burnt In Boiling Water). Later he also died.
Case registered against the parents of the innocent
According to a report published in Express, the police have registered a case of murder against the parents of the girl. The girl's mother's name is Darina and father's name is Ivan. After the death of daughter Lesya, the police investigation is going on against both of them.
What happened that day?
Let us tell you that this incident happened in Grygorivka village of Ukraine. During the interrogation of the police, the girl's mother told that she had put water on the gas in the kitchen to boil the chicken. After which she came out of the kitchen for some work. When she returned to the kitchen 10 minutes later, she saw that her daughter Lesya had fallen into the boiling water and was badly burned.
Parents did not take the child to the hospital
During the investigation, it has been found that after the burn of the girl, her parents did not take her to the hospital while a quackery took her to the doctor. However, after his condition worsened, he was admitted to the hospital.
According to the information, Lesya was admitted to the hospital for about 10 days but doctors could not save her life. She was badly burnt in the boiling water. If the parents of the child are found guilty during the trial in the court, then they can be sentenced to 7 to 15 years in prison.
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