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After PAK, Hindus now become the target of fundamentalists in Bangladesh, set fire to many houses; Demolition in temples too !



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The fanatics of Bangladesh were so struck by the sound of kirtan that they attacked the Hindus. The rioters set many houses of Hindus on fire, they were beaten up and looted. Not only this, they also damaged Hindu temples. Earlier there was attack on Hindu temple in Pakistan
Dhaka: After Pakistan, now Hindus have been attacked in Bangladesh. The attackers set fire to, beat and looted many houses of Hindus. Apart from this, he also damaged many temples. The incident took place in Shiyali village of Rupsha Upazila of Khulna district of Bangladesh. At the same time, the police say that 10 people have been arrested in this regard. After the incident, there is an atmosphere of fear in the entire area.
The idols kept in the temple were broken
According to the report of 'Dhaka Tribune', on August 7, some extremists in Bangladesh attacked several houses, shops and vandalized many temples of the minority Hindu community. Initially, there has been talk of damage to four temples. It is believed that the neighboring villagers took part in this attack. The rioters also destroyed the idols of God kept in the temple.
More than 30 people injured
More than 30 people have been seriously injured in the assault, who are being treated at Sadar Hospital. Police say that the situation is completely under control and 10 people have been arrested. Additional forces have been deployed in the area for security. According to the police, these attacks took place due to arguments between the two sides. The rioters first targeted the Shiali Mahasmashan temple and after that they continued to attack.
Debate turned into such Riots
According to the report, at around 9 pm on Friday night, a group of Hindu devotees took out a procession from the East Para temple to the Shiyali crematorium while performing kirtan. They had crossed a mosque on the way, during which the Imam opposed the procession. After which there was a heated argument between the devotees and the Imam. The dispute that broke out between the two groups gradually took the form of riots. After this, many Hindu houses, shops were set on fire and temples were vandalized.
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