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Father Veeru Devgan arrived with 250 fighters to save Ajay Devgn’s life, listen to the story in VIDEO



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A video of Ajay Devgan is going viral in which an old anecdote related to his father Veeru Devgan has been revealed.
Bollywood superstar Ajay Devgn is everyone's choice today. Be it comedy or action, every role played by Ajay wins the hearts of his fans. But do you know that Ajay Devgan's father Veeru Devgan wanted to make him an action superstar. Ajay and Veeru Devgan have been one of the most talked about father-son duo in Bollywood. Now such a video of Ajay Devgan has gone viral in which an old memorable anecdote has been revealed. In which Veeru Devgan saved his son from the crowd in a filmY.

Veeru Devgan was the real life action king We all know that Veeru Devgan was a very big action director. Apart from directing stunts and action sequences, Veeru Devgan also took charge of the direction of films like ‘Hindustan Ki Kasam’. Ajay Devgan played the lead role in this film. But off-screen too, Veeru Devgan was no less than an action star. This thing has come to the fore in this video.

Why did the mob come to kill Ajay?
In this viral video, producer-director Sajid Khan is seen remembering that story with Ajay Devgn. In the video, Sajid is saying, 'Ajay had a white jeep, in which we all used to roam. There was a narrow lane near the holiday hotel, from where suddenly a child, running after a kite, did not know from where. jeep was in full speed.So we put the brakes on. However, the child was not hurt. He got scared and started crying. Don't know from where thousands of people gathered there. We were trying to convince him that it is not Ajay's fault and the child is also fine. Further, Sajid told that no one was listening to him, the crowd was angry.
Veeru Devgan had arrived with so many fighters
Sajid narrates a shocking incident in front of it. He says, 'Then did not understand what happened. After 10 minutes this news came to Ajay's father Veeru Devgan. Who reached the spot with 150 to 250 fighters at the same time. It was just like a Hindi movie scene.
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