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The brother’s son’s sacrifice ascended to become rich

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Raksa in Jhansi missing eight-year-old boy from the town, about four months ago, was killed Rishabh. Tantric say has sacrificed boy in return for money. Of committing the crime, including the boy’s aunt said.

Remand the accused in this case revealed that during the interrogation. Police looking for bodies Raksa Atondna Dugnu Mata temple near the excavation made on Thursday. However, that could not be recovered.

Ram Babu Yadav said Raksa Thanadhyksh Kasba 20 November 2014, eight-year-old son Rishabh Singh resident captain returning from school close to home, from reading had disappeared. His mother left him some work around the house was gone.

The investigation revealed that the villagers Rajni Auntie Paladin daughter relationship Vrindavan Rishabh was seen with native Atondna Raksa station. When the case was lodged nominated to Rajni Bacher Seepri market ITI was imprisoned by the house.

The investigation also revealed that money to disappear Rishabh Seepri son Satish resident Awas Vikas Colony police station, including market and Mahesh Khangar Mewati Parish resident.

Police said two people were imprisoned, but was not much clue.

On remand to police about the money involved in the investigation rigorously questioned the Atondna he sacrificed the Dugnu Mata temple is Rishabh. He is jailed Mahesh Khangar sorcerer.

He Rajani and her boy was lured by the receipt of money on sacrifice. Being close kinship Anajana home Rajni Singh was the captain, so that Rishabh soft target.

Thanadhyksh said Rishabh looking for bodies near Dugnu Mata temple excavated been made in many places today, but still have not found the bodies. Excavation will be made on Friday.

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